Monday, August 8, 2011

Cat mural in San Jose

Richard and I wanted to go to a specific store today, AutoMercado, because they carry a brand of coffee that we liked in Quepos - the Cafe Milagro brand.  It took a while to find the store, but we went through a tunnel that had this crazy mural on both sides.  I think they're cats - one cat chasing a bird or something?  Then on the other side, three cats.  Anyway, I liked the mosaic, so I stopped in the middle of the tunnel to take photos.  Which is why I like walking, not driving.

Anyway, we found the coffee, although the Cafe Milagro coffee was all ground, not whole bean.   So we bought another brand.

Then I went through probably the craziest route to get to the bathroom in the store - I asked where it was, the man behind the counter said go out here, up two floors, there.  (In Spanish, of course.)  I went up two floors, which got me to the parking garage.  So I got in the elevator, which then took me up to the 6th floor.  I went back down.  Turned out I was supposed to go to floor #2, then ask the parking attendant for the key to the restroom.  Quite a trip for a quick bathroom visit!!!

We wandered around San Jose, in and out of shops, looking at things, looking at people.  Didn't buy much, although I took another quick walk through the artisans market.

We chatted with the owner of our B&B, Antonella, and her husband Vincenzo - they're Italian, she's from Bologna, he's from Rome.  They have this lovely B&B with Italian touches - like our tube shower.  This is the coolest shower - it shoots water out from the sides, from the bottom of the shower, from overhead, or from the hand-held showerhead - four options!  I think I'd like it best if it could do all four things at once, instead of one at a time, but it really is pretty amazing to get all of the options!  (Although I really can't figure out why you need to fill the bottom of a showerstall, from the bottom.  To wash shoes?  Soak your feet?  I don't know - all I can envision is filling the phone-booth shower full of water!

 That's about it - nothing exciting, just a day of walking around the city, enjoying the urban feel, and the urban art.

And hanging out with the cat, Berta, at the B&B, as well as the dog, Shila.

So - what's your opinion - are these cats shocked by the cat across the tunnel?  Or freaking out by the cars whizzing by them all day long?

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