Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's my birthday

 We're scheduled for an 8 hour boat trip tomorrow to Panama, looking for manatees in the mangroves and swamps and inland waterways. 

So we opted to make today a slow and lazy day.  Also, it rained much of the morning, and even though it stopped by noon, the sky remained grey and the day just got hotter and muggier.

I bought myself a little birthday present (a cute top), and the lady at the store wrapped it up in birthday wrapping - I thought it was pretty!

We are in Cabinas Tropical - sort of a motel, but we have room #2, the Macaw room.  As I said earlier, this is a two storey room, with upstairs double and single beds, and a little balcony off the upstairs room.  Plus mosquito nets, but I always get tangled in them so we just use the fans.

We have another double bed downstairs, and the TV.  And another fan.  
 Plus the stairs, which make great shelves for storing stuff - since we don't have a closet, shelves, dresser, or table.

 We have another private terrace downstairs, complete with mural showing a sloth, various birds and butterflies (including my blue morpho), flowers, an ocelot, macaw and toucans - and very comfy hammocks for lazing away the day.  And of course a waterfall and plenty of greenery.

 We've had a relaxing day full of chocolate - and several walks around town.  It's a quiet little town, not much happening.  The kids all seem to either bicycle around or play at the soccer field, which is about two blocks away from our cabina.

 One of the funny things is that we see people around town that we recognize, just from being here a few days.  We smile, they smile, there's the little head nod, and that's about it. 

Not much else to report.  Tomorrow should be very exciting, and we're getting all set for that.  Then on Friday morning we'll head to Puerto Limón, the "big" town on the coast - definitely more urban, although the city park has parrots and sloths.  We hope to get a room at the Park Hotel, where we stayed three years ago - then Sunday or Monday we'll head back to San Jose for a few days before flying out on Aug. 11.

Until then, the adventures continue, and I will keep blogging!

And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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