Thursday, August 4, 2011

Morphos and Manatees

We went out for an early breakfast, since we're meeting our tour guide and boat captain at 8:30 AM, promptly (we were told).  Ate at Bread and Chocolate - doesn't that sound like a rallying cry for a protest march?  "Give us bread!  Give us chocolate!"  Anyway, they have fabulous whole wheat waffles, and French press cafe, so I enjoyed it.  (They also make their own bagels, which Richard enjoyed with scrambled eggs.)

On my way back to the cabina, I saw a HUGE blue morpho butterfly - bird sized, maybe the wingspan of a robin!  Bright shiny irridescent blue flitting through the dark green early morning neighborhood!  I tried following it, but soon it was just a shadow high in the trees.  They usually aren't so close to the coast, but I guess this is an indication of how close the jungle is to the actual town of Puerto Viejo.

Anyway, so we're ready for a boat trip to Panama, armed with passports, printout of our return tickets, sunscreen, camera.  We are on the manatee quest!  I will report back this evening, hopefully with photos.  (I'm not planning on swimming with the manatees, although that's what Richard is hoping to do.  I'm hoping we also turtles and dolphins!  But no sharks.  No, I don't want to see a shark.)

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