Friday, August 5, 2011

More car trouble

Richard went out this morning to a new bakery we heard about (from yesterday's tour guide) - he brought back croissants for an early breakfast.  We later went to head out for bkfst, thinking we'd take the car and go somewhere further away.  No go.  Car won't start.  Battery seems okay, lights go on.  Starter turns, makes a hum.  No vrrr vrrrr catching sound.  Car won't start. 

So we called our man Hugo, who called a local mechanico.  And we're waiting.  And we're waiting.

We'll see if we get the car fixed today so we can head to Puerto Limón as planned, or if we have another night in Puerto Viejo.  We don't have any plans, although we were hoping to stop by the National Museum of Chocolate, which is north of here, as we head out.  If not, well, there's tomorrow.  A day or two in Limón, then back to San Jose.

Such is life on the road.

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