Monday, July 4, 2011

All our bags are packed.........

Richard and I have very different packing styles.  He prefers to take everything he might conceivably need, and would rather have something and NOT need it than not have whatever it is.  I prefer to take as little as possible, and if I DON'T use something I schlepped along, I mentally bemoan having wasted the space and the schlepping.

So guess which bag belongs to whom.

And do you see Cleo, all ready to go on the trip?  Of course, she hates her carrier, she hates the car, and I have no idea what she'd do on a plane, other than loudly complain the entire time.  Like some people's babies, wah wah wah, all the way wherever.

So Cleo will stay home, with a very nice kitty sitter visiting her daily.  Of course, she may not speak to us for a few days upon our return, but such is life with a cat who thinks (knows?) she's the queen of the house.

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