Monday, July 25, 2011

Quepos, Day 2 – No monkeys

We went in to downtown Quepos for breakfast, at this fabulous coffee shop called “Café Milagro” – they roast their own coffee, bake a variety of goods, and have just generally very good food and drinks.  One of our favorite eating places in Costa Rica. 

But - my stomach rebelled against the Tican food, Tican water, and just about everything else.  So that no mater what I ate or drank, my stomach just hurt.  Despite mint tea, a yogurt drink, simple muffin – my stomach just hurt. 

As Richard said, he could tell I didn’t feel well when I said I didn’t necessarily want to hike around Manuel Antonio Park looking for animals.

So I took photos of the mosaic benches along the Quepos waterfront, and then we hung out in our hotel room.  Richard swam in the pool, went into town for a bit – and I hung out, nursing my sick stomach with water and such.

I sat outside in the late afternoon, waiting for my friends the squirrel monkeys to come by – I don’t know if they took a different route home, or went to a different tree, or maybe just because it was Saturday evening and they stay out late then – but my little buddies didn’t come by, and I didn’t get to see them again.  Ah well – monkeys are capricious by nature, it’s part of their charm, and there isn’t anything to do about it.  No monkeys, and I should consider myself lucky that I got to see them running through yesterday.

And Richard picked up some chicken veg soup at the restaurant, as well as some plain grilled chicken – so I hope that makes my stomach happier.

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