Friday, July 15, 2011

Mangoes - sigh

I had another close encounter of the mango kind - not sure if it was something in the juice this AM (which was NOT made WITH mango, but there may have been mango on the kitchen implements or something) - or it might have been that I kissed Richard without his having washed his face after eating some mango.  Doesn't matter, I went upstairs to take my vitamins and started having my mango reaction.  Took what I could to alleviate symptoms (inhaler and benadryl) but things weren't improving - got Richard to give me the epipen because I freeze - then we went to an ER via taxi (told the driver it was "emergencia" and wow, did he drive like a bat out of you know where!)

I talked to a dr in admitting, they put Richard in charge of admitting me and they whisked me off to the ER - nice dr who spoke English did the triage, she talked to another dr who prescribed treatment, nurse put in IV line and I had all kinds of meds pumped in.  I also have meds for 5 days while the mango goes through my system. 

Not how one wants to spend vacation, but such is life in the tropics when you have a mango allergy.  We were prepared, I will be more vigilant (read: paranoid), and we will do what needs to be done to deal with this.

So we're having a quiet day in the B&B, since the treatment zaps me for a while.  We napped, Richard picked up lunch from Bagelman, we'll possibly go out for dinner.  Just reading, internetting, and listening to the rain.

It did occur to me that I could go to the opening of Harry Potter, but I think it's dubbed in Spanish so I think I'll skip it till I get back to the VI or somewhere.  But I will get to see the cereus blooming in the full moon tonight - when the rain lets up.

And we'll head north to Las Pumas tomorrow.

Okay, 9:42 this evening -  there are now NINE huge blossoms on the night-blooming cereus - absolutely gorgeous!  They're all wet, it has been raining all afternoon, although it's only drizzling right now - but if you click on the photos and look at them enlarged, you can see all the rain droplets sparkling like diamonds on the flowers - very cool!  Totally worth waiting for!  Maybe not worth the ER visit for, but worth having been forced to stay an extra day.

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