Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another rainy day

We walked to downtown San Jose, and realized that we were probably about 3/4 of a mile from the hotel we stayed at with the fly-and-drive package - we hit the pedestrian street and realized that everything looked familiar!  One of those "D'oh!" moments!

We also walked around two sides of the national museum, but couldn't find the entrance, so we'll save that for tomorrow's activity.

So we wandered around town, in the rain, having a nice lunch at the Q Cafe where we sat upstairs and watched the Ticans walking by with their brightly colored umbrellas - for a while it looked like abstract art, with all the colors and patterns wheeling by.  Almost like rainbow toadstools and mushrooms floating down the streets.

We managed to find some heavy leather high-top shoes for me, for when we get to the Osa Peninsula - there are snakes there, and heavy shoes are advised for hiking.  Not that we want to meet any snakes - but if we do, we want to make sure our feet are protected.

We also spent a little time in a casino - 1000 colonnes goes a LONG way when each spin of the slot machine is only 25 colonnes.  (And 1000 colonnes equals $2 - really - so that $2 total investment can result in a long time of spinning wheels and cheering and emotional ups and downs - great amusement for $2!)

We wandered back to our B&B, stopping along the way.  And then, during a brief break in the rain, went up to the roof for a great view of the mountains that form a ring around San Jose.  I think some of these mountains are volcanoes - but I'm not sure which ones might be, or not.  According to the map we have, the mountains to the east of the city are Volcan Irazu and the Cordillero Central (Central Mountain Range) - as I said, I'm not exactly sure what the photos are of, mountains or volcanoes - but both are out there eastward.   Volcan Turrialba is a bit further south.  I kind of like being surrounded by volcanoes!

We went to the new-ish restaurant next door for dinner - it's a bar and restaurant that caters to young people, maybe college age or so.  Loud rock'n'roll music, cheap food and drink, that kind of place.  But it was rainy, and we didn't want to go too far.   Anyway, we went up to the front, and the young man said apologetically, "We have to check" and he motioned toward my purse.  I looked up (being old enough to be his mother or maybe even grandmother) and said, "Uh, okay" and opened my purse, and pulled out the socks I had in there from trying on shoes half the day - and said, "Well, I have socks in here" - the two young men just started laughing and motioned us in.

I have no idea what they were looking for - but it certainly wasn't a pair of socks, LOL!

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