Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tango show and Cereus fest

Richard and I went to the fancy Italian restaurant in the neighborhood, Limoncello.  We've been there before, just once, but we both enjoyed it so decided this would be our end-of-San-Jose splurge.

We arrived about 8, without a reservation, figuring that a Thursday evening wouldn't be busy.  Wrong!  The downstairs was packed, and the several rooms upstairs were all full as well.  (The restaurant is in a former home, beautiful wood floors and gorgeous railing up the stairs......)  At any rate, the only place available was a small table at the top of the stairs, in what I can only describe as an upstairs foyer.  The area was large, bigger than many hotel rooms - with a couch, a few chairs, and our dining table.  We sat down, giggling - and ordered a lovely dinner.  People came by, either heading downstairs to leave, or coming upstairs for the reserved room - and people would either look at us curiously, or stop and say "Buenes noches" and look confused - and we'd laugh some more.

There was ongoing music downstairs - most of it with a tango beat - and when Richard went down for a smoke, he read the front sign saying there was a tango show today.  He came up and we did a very short tango in the foyer area, cracking up at ourselves.  The music continued all through our dinner - tangos on the accordian, on the sax, on a couple of guitars with a piano, and some vocalists singing tango-esque numbers.  It was just very crazy!  No one else in the entire place danced, just the two of us (and we all know what great dancers Richard and I are!)

We headed back to the B&B, and Richard realized he'd left his umbrella - so we walked back.  Then back to the B&B, where we headed up to the roof.  Sure enough, about six cereus blossoms had opened and were at their peak - just incredibly beautiful!!!!  They are so amazing!  I'm sure even more will bloom tomorrow night, but we'll be gone.  Although I'll definitely look around for some wherever we end up - tomorrow should be the full moon, and I think that's when the cereus bloom is at its height, the full moon some time between June and August.

Costa Rica is just so COOL!!!!!!!

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