Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eastward ho!

Big excitement in the B&B this morning - a pipe burst in the kitchen during the night, so the kitchen, dining room, and a guest room flooded!  The lady who works here, Maria, breakfast chef as well as cleaning lady (the person my brothers and I call the hotel fairy) was mopping for hours this morning!  I asked if I could help with breakfast (in my not very good Spanish) but she said no thank you.  I felt bad for her, having to all of that first thing in the morning!

We're heading east to the Caribbean - Puerto Limon is about 85 or so km away, so should be there before noon.  Then south to Cahuite, or Puerto Viejo de Talamanco, or even all the way down to Manzanilla (almost at the border with Panama).  We're hoping for sunny weather (so we can dry out the rafting clothes), turtle watching, snorkeling or diving, and there's another chocolate farm to visit.

We also hope for continuing internet service!  If so, we will continue to blog.  If not, well, we'll catch up when we're back in San Jose.

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