Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a Tamarindo morning

Our AC works well, in that it cools the room and takes the damp feeling out of the air.

It is not, however, adjustable.  Nor have we figured out how to turn it off.  So that meant the AC had to stay on not only while we went out to dinner, but all night long.  And yes, it kept the room pleasantly cool - but in the middle of the night, it got cold.  I mean COLD. 

So I slept in a sweater, with the sheet (no blanket) and Richard's sweatshirt (from nephew Abe) wrapped around me.

It is 6:40 AM and Richard just brought me a fabulous chocolate croissant, every bit as good as we remembered.  Some café au lait, and we'll be good to go.

And we really don't want a photo of me at 6:40 AM.

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